How to remove site title and motto title on blog page

Hello, I’d like to remove or hide site motto and site title on blog page. I’ve tried a few CSS customizations such as

[class*=blog] .page-title {
display: none;

  • or -

.page-title {
display: none;

but neither worked out. Could you help me to solve it?
Thanks in advance

hey there

Please provide link to the page and i will check

I’ll grant you temporary access (because sit is still in “under construction” mode

Thank you

Hello Lino

Sorry, but where it the blog page here?

Sorry, I had to put the site online, so I removed the menu entry. I’m gonna restore it right now

Hi Lino

try this css:

.blog .intro-item {
display: none;

Thank you Noda, it worked perfectly! Really appreciate your support!

You are welcome :slight_smile:

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