How to remove the footer copyright info for Sparkling theme

How do I remove the copyright info ‘Theme by Colorlib Powered by WordPress’ in footer?

I’ve read this topic but that was for travelify and didn’t work for me.

You can remove copyright information by adding this code to Theme Options >> Other >> Custom CSS.

.copyright {
  display: none;

Keep in mind that I have made this theme available completely for free and I have answered 10 your support threads already and you didn’t have to pay for anything.

You’re right. Your customer support is always just superb.
Is there anyway to remove only ‘Powered by Wordpress’ then?

You can do that by going to extras.php file that you can find inside sparkling folder >> inc. This file can’t be accessed via WordPress dashboard, so you have to do it via your hosting’s dashboard on via FTP.

On that file find and replace this function:

function sparkling_footer_info() {
global $sparkling_footer_info;
  printf( __( 'Theme by %1$s Powered by %2$s', 'sparkling' ) , '<a href="" target="_blank">Colorlib</a>', '<a href="" target="_blank">WordPress</a>');

With slightly simplified version of it:

function sparkling_footer_info() {
global $sparkling_footer_info;
  echo __( 'Theme by <a href="" target="_blank">Colorlib</a>');

Let me know if this is what you were looking for.

Hi - Not to hijack, but on a closely related note, I’ve noticed that with certain browser widths, with the “Theme by” and “Powered by” text in its default configuration, the formatting isn’t aligned. What I see is the word “Wordpress” underneath “Powered by”.

This seems to happen with a browser width between approx 989 and 1186 (using Safari on Mac OS 10.10.3). It’s fine with a wider or narrower browser width.

Probably not the highest priority, but something to note :).

Thanks Aigars, it worked!

Does this solution still apply with the Sparkling 2.0 theme? I had it working fine with 1.9.x but I’ve made the change in 2.0 (to remove just the ‘Powered by Wordpress’), and it still appears.


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