How to remove title in header picture?

How can i remove this title from the header picture for all page’s?

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Kindly send me the URL to your website.
So I can have a look at this for you.

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Here is the link for the website at the news page.

How can i send a private reply with a url in it? Because everytime i tried to reply with a url nothing is posted.
Its the same thing when i put a mark in the box set as private reply.

I can’t send a reply with my url.
Everytime i tried nothing happend.

How can I change the height of the header image on posts and pages? Default is 225pix, which looks too narrow on my site.

Can someone help me??

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@christopherb Please create a new ticket for your issue and provide a link to your website so that we can provide some options to you.

@handsome1987 We need to have a look at the website to inspect the element and provide some CSS code to remove it. All you would have to do is provide a link to the website.

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the site im using to test is