How to remove yellow block that appears on my WordPress website

I changed it to from -87 to -17 and both before I posted my query and again emptied my browser cache and did a disk cleanup.
I have no custom scripts the header you see, the image of the globe and the name of my site is entirely an image.
Still nothing has changed (huge space and yellow box)

It was working fine when I viewed your website. Now it has the same problem again.

It is an Adsense block. I can’t see how and why it is generated. Probably it is some plugin for AdSense injection or you placed Adsense block somewhere inside code (probably header or somewhere on the top of the site).

When you get rid of Adsense block, the blank space will disappear as well.

Edit. Disable or at least properly configure your “Adsense Explosion” plugin. This is why Adsense block appears.

Bingo! it wasn’t an adsense block per se but I had installed the plugin yet not yet activated with proper settings. I deactivated it and there we go. All is great now. Thank you