How to replace published date with last updated date

Please help me I want to show last updated date instead of published date on my site :

Hi Matoridea,

Maybe not perfect for you, but with it you can change date and time as you like.

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Marko Veide

Hi there,

You would need to modify the method at:

that is sparkling_posted_on

Or alternatively you can replace that method in the template files and instead use this method to get the modified date - get_the_modified_date() | Function | WordPress Developer Resources
Hope you can work it from there.

It would be great if you could share the exact lines of code to be replaced and what to be replaced with.

Hi there,

Its not exactly something we cover as support as it involves some customization.
Try the method replacement as its the easier route to go.

If you need further assistance on this you might want to get in contact with the guys here who specialize in such modifications.