how to replace search bar in header with Advanced Woo Search [aws_search_form]

I have Tyche installed but the search results page is not useful at all for an online shop (only 3 results fit one page, no image displayed, social media buttons on every result), maybe it is optimized for a text blog but not for a product showcase… So I want to use AJAX search, because of the instant search results, and the AWS plugin also comes with a better results page. But the theme editor does not have an option to change or disable the search input field in the header, or to replace it with a short code. And I am not good enough to fiddle around in the program code without absolute clear and replicable instructions.

Here my question:
How to replace the search input field with the AWS short code [aws_search_form]??

Thank you so much!

I’ve had the same issue and my work around is as followed:

I’m using Smart WooCommerce Search as my search function (which gives me a shortcode for the menu)

In the header.php at the bottom after line 102 (which says “<?php”) and before the “/**” main slider i’ve put:
echo do_shortcode(’[smart_search id=“1”]’); - which the [smart_search id=“1”] is my shortcode for the menu

In the Customize section under the Additional CSS ive put the following code:

.top-search {
display: none;

What this work around does is hides the top menu search bar (which doesn’t work no matter what widgets i’ve tried to use to switch it) and replaces it with a new one under the menu option, my only issue is that the menu is spread across the entire page and im still trying to work out how to make this shorter.

Website is for reference.

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@volkerforster yes, indeed you can use method posted here by @impaktwebdesign (Thank you for this) but if you want to use different search engine then you have to change only search shortcode, also i would recommend to use child theme in this case which is necessary for future updates of the theme