How to replace the placeholder "Search"

Hi, i using a child theme on wordpress in Italian language. I noticed that the search form at the top is not translated in my language.
I tried to override the function “activello_header_search_filter” with this code, but it does not go:

if ( ! function_exists ( 'activello_header_search_filter' ) ) {
function activello_header_search_filter($form){
    $form = '<form action="'.esc_url( home_url( "/" ) ).'" method="get"><input type="text" name="s" value="'.get_search_query().'" placeholder="'. esc_attr_x( __('Search', 'activello'), 'search placeholder', 'activello' ).'"><button type="submit" class="header-search-icon" name="submit" id="searchsubmit" value="'. esc_attr_x( 'Search', 'submit button', 'activello' ).'"><i class="fa fa-search"></i></button></form>';
    return $form;

How can I fix?

Hi @alexsalento,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

You are doing it wrong. You have to also make the changes in the header.php file of your child theme.

Please see the child theme solution that i have shared in the following topic.

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thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

You are most welcome here :slight_smile: