How to send posts only to specific (sub)menu (country) item ?

I want to sent different posts to only one (sub)menu ( in my case ‘country’ see ).
How can I realise that ?
To see my posts with full content I set the settings-read-posts on ‘-select-’ to get full posts.
Thank you for your nice template and answer.

Everything about WordPress custom menu you can find it here on official documentation: It is a simple drag & drop interface where you can drag those items to create sub menus, combinate them, etc. No limitations there.

For I am not sure what you really meant by that. Right now you have set your main page as static one which displays Page you selected. You can display your Blog Page there as well if needed.

Thanks for your reply but sorry for my unclear question. I want to post some posts on a page (eg. France) my next posts on another page (e.g. Germany).
And as per page only show posts for that page.
Is that possible?

I have found that I with categories my previous question can solve.
But in doing so are all my posts again with ‘read more’.
How can I display all my posts on all pages completely (full content?)