How to set separate portfolio page

Hi - can you please tell me how to make a separate portfolio page? I know how to have the projects show up on the home page with the widget, I just don’t know how to make the portfolio on a different page (like the demo site).

site I’m working on is

Hi there

Sorry to say but that’s not possible because portfolios are available only through homepage widgets and since you can have only one homepage its not possible to use that portfolio widget any where else

ok I’m confused. how is the portfolio page built on the shapely demo site then?


Sorry, that’s my fault, badly understand your question, i thought you wanted exact same portfolios by widgets on other pages,
Portfolio archive page is automatically created by theme and you will be able to configure it from the appearance > customize > portfolio settings

no worries - thank you:)

Hello, thank you too for understanding :slight_smile:
Is there anything else i can do for you?