How to set the heater image to cover the full width of the browser window?

Dear Aigars,

I have chosen your Sparkling theme for my blog website because of its beautiful and minimalist design! Since the last two weeks I am experimenting with the settings of the theme, but encounter two problems in displaying my heater image:

  • the image does not cover the full width of the browser window (as is the case in your theme demo:
  • the dimensions of the image are 1916px by 600px, but due to scaling and cropping in Wordpress it is shown as 1500px by 380px.

From the support forum I found that the solution lies in adding some code in the Custom CSS under Appearance - Theme Options. Could you please have a look at my website: and give me the correct CSS code to set the width of my header image to 100% of the browser window without any cropping?

Thanks in advance and keep up the good work!

Best regards,