How to show different content from my default homepage?


I have created my startpage with the jumbotron image, using the sample page for content. So far so good. How should I link to another page of my content, leaving my jumbotrom image and other elements intact. So I only want to change the page text that’s shown below the jumbotron image. The rest should remain unchanged.

The link I added in my sample page for trial works, but I get a completely different layout and picture instead of the standard layout I created for my starting page. The link for testing has for example:

<a href="">test>/a>

I’m running in circles and cannot find what’s going wrong. How should I create a proper hyperlink for this purpose?

Regards, Gerrit

Hey there,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

You cannot add additional sections to the home page, as this is how the theme was coded.
if you wish to add a link you can add it to one of the sections already available.

For example, you could add this code which places the content in a div and center aline it.
You could, for example, place a button there. You can use a CSS button generator line to make your button if you wish.
<div style="text-align:center"><a href="">test</a></div>

I hope this helps

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Hi Support,

I don’t think we understand eachother. I inserted your code and the result is similar to my coding.

If I click on the link (for example your code) I get transferred to a page that does not display all elements on my main page. Of course everything has to remain visible!

I need a solution that shows all elements and shows the content of my hyperlinks on the main page (or something that is 100% identical).

Regards, Gerrit

Hi Gerrit,

Sorry for a late in response, I didn’t understand your question. Can you link the website here, and what exactly you’re trying to achieve? And also what steps you did, after that I can try to provide you a solution.

Let us know,