How to show featured picture of a site instead of the blogpost-picture?

I have several questions regarding the layout of a news “Site” in the Portum Template.

I created a new site (not a post) and Portum shows it like it’s a blogpost. The site displays the header picture I set under “Customizing” as the blogpost-pic. How do I get Portum to show the featured image of a page instead?

And how can I change the design so it does not show 50% image, 50% menu and the site-title not sitting on top of that picture? See attached “Header_new site”-pic

Can I change the appearence of the concent of this Site somehow? Can’t figure out why it’s only using about 10cm of the screen to display the text. See attached “Layout”-pic

And last question: Is there a way, that the Logo does not sit on top of the site image? I haven’t set a Logo for the whole website so far because it sit’s on top of everything and I don’t want to have literally everything over the pictures.


Goo morning

thank you for your questions
1.2. Sorry but this is not possible by default,
3. Sorry but there is no option for thi, this is how the theme is styled
4. this is default style :frowning:

Sorry, but most of your questions are customization character :frowning: