How to show the same looking text on home page and post itself?

Hi, I wonder how I can make the same post between my latest post @ home screen and the recent post.

I was copying from word and pasting on the new post, but the new post doesn’t look the same format under “recent post” and “home” screen.

You are using Excerpt field (home page) for that and WordPress removes all HTML from it so results are different.

You need to set “Blog Full Content” for the Blog page to make it look exactly like the post, otherwise it’s not possible because WordPress will trim HTML out of Excerpts in any situation.

To use “Blog Full Content” you shoul.

  1. Create a new Page and name it Blog or whatever
  2. Inside Page Attributes in Page Edit Screen set “Blog Full Content”
  3. Now when page is ready got to Settings – Reading and select “A static page (select below)” and choose your previously created Blog page for static “Front Page”.

Thanks, but I would like to have the latest post showing on my home page from different blog categories instead of selecting specific blogs showing in the home screen… is there way to adjust it?