How to skip cropping logo and icon images?

Is it possible to skip cropping logo and icon images?

When trying to use SVG for the logo there was an option to skip cropping (see SVG as logo - how to set size?) - I presume that is because WordPress isn’t able to crop SVG images in the first place.

But when uploading a PNG file for the logo (or icon for that matter) I wasn’t able to skip cropping. With the logo, I resized to cropping area to match the entire image anyway, but it still generated cropped-… file and used it instead.

With the icon, it is even worse since I’m not even offered any form of cropping manually. But a cropped-… file is generated (and used) anyway.

Is it possible to skip those?

Hi there

Sorry but it’s coded like that, so, there is no simple option to disable it, it’s not possible without customization.


And if I would be customizing it, where should I look for it? Would there be any interest in accepting MR with such a modification?