Hello I purchased the extension to use the templates with better perks and I am trying to edit the photographer template and on the about and contact page there is a instagram feed but when I try to edit the feed on html it doesn’t allow me to because the code isn’t there for the link but the code is there when I go to inspect on google chrome. Is this coming from a different file because I cannot find it and even when I copy the code from google chrome it has the other pictures as well why is this happening? please help.

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Not clearly understand which extension you purchased, we don’t have any extensions to sell,
Please share a screenshot of the code and url of the website, please also note, these are HTML template you must have at least beginner experience to work with HTML templates

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Used a code editor to edit the HTML code. You will need to download a program to do this.

For some recommendations, see this: 5 Best HTML Editors You Should Know About in 2021

thank you Greatest 125 ?

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