HTML Link Text Smaller than Paragraph Text

I’m using the colorlib Appson template, and when I put a href in my <p>, it’s smaller that other text and looks strange. Here is the code:

<p>PredictiveData Mobile App makes AI (artificial intelligence) easily accessible to any business, large or small, by leveraging the power of Machine Learning.</p>

Any help please?

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Same, here i need url of the page where this problem is visible, in the first paragraph: “any business, large or small”

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You can use this code to fix the problem:

.slider-content a {
font-size: 18px;
font-weight: 400;
letter-spacing: 0;
line-height: 30px;
margin: 28px 0px 39px;

I’m assuming you meant for me to add to the style.css. I did that, and no change to the webpage. What am I missing?

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But i can see link style changes, please clear cache
and this code for link color hover state:

.slider-content a:hover {
color: #989898;

just change the color code

That fixed it, however, my paragraph links now are not visible on white background. See this link:, look at last paragraph after "Just takes " and there is a link that and link text not visible. Any suggestions?

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Yes, i see, the reason is that yout text is wrapped in this class:

download-btns btn-area
and you should not do that, please remove this class, switch to text mode and you will see it

Thanks for reply. Which is the correct class to wrap that link with so it shows up?

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You don’t need any class or div to wrap p tag, just use a normal text in the page editor and default tags like p, a, h1 and other defaults

Thanks, got it visible, but still looks a little strange of the font is not the same:

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You are still using weird classes to wrap normal text, this makes your text ti have a different style, right now text and images are all wrapped in this class: download-btns btn-area
you have to clear markup of your text,