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There is a HTML theme that I really like but I cannot figure out how to use it. If I purchase the template is it possible to have it converted? Or does it automatically convert once purchased

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Sorry but no, converting HTML template into the WordPress is not an easy job and its not possible to provide converted themes of HTML templates, this will definitely require custom job

Please also note, purchasing license means you are getting the rights to remove footer credits from the theme, other than this template is the same

Contact me if you are looking for someone who can convert HTML into WordPress, you can find my mail into my profile link

I have the same problem. I purchased PHOTOSEN. I am not a programmist I’d like to either convert it into Wordpress, change it on another template or refund

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@grodus Sorry for the inconvenience, but each template description clearly states that it is an HTML template.

You can exchange it or we can also refund it.


Unfortunatly I don’t see anthing it could be exchange, so please make a refund. I think you may refund money to the same card I paid for template.



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No problem, You can ask for a refund on the contact page of our main website.


I am asking you - means colorlib for a refund, sorry your site is so mystical and I do not know where I should look for a suitable contact form

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Sorry, but its as simple as that: Contact us - Colorlib

​Let me know if you need further assistance.