I can't download more themes

I have a lifetime access license purchase in May, 2019. There is no more button to download themes, how can i do?

I’ve also had this issue and no response… really hope this isn’t a scam

if this is a scam, I will file a case against Colorlib.

Hey there

Of course, it’s not a scam, guys we are changing our system and all downloads will be available soon

We already took care of this issues and sent details last week.

Hello Douglas,

Unfortunately, your license expired in May. In order to continue to download templates, you will have to renew your license.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

hi, I have had this issue too.

when I purchased my license it specifically stated that my license would be good for “all current and upcoming templates”.and it didn’t state that I can only download for 1 year.

Also in the support forum, your staff mentioned that the $99 license is for a lifetime.

They change their subscription strategy without any notification to the excited clients.
I believe that many people have the same issue,If you feel your rights are damaged, please contact me : [email protected]

At last,closing and deleting messages is not a solution to the problem.I believe that Colorlib will take this matter seriously and make every effort to improve your service and prevent its recurrence.

It is and always was a one-year subscription. Most of you had a chance to use it for a longer period because of our system problems. However, now we have a much more robust system.
Terms have never changed, they are now just enforced by a proper system.

Our support guy did make a mistake saying that it is a lifetime license but it was never stated in our terms.

Sorry for the inconvenience but no exceptions of rule changes will be done.