I can't install the "Arcade" theme

I’ve tried installing this theme in every way possible and it keeps giving me errors.

I’ve tried installing it directly, unzipping the files and installing just the windows copy, adding it directly into the file system.

Does anyone have any insight on installing this theme?


Hi there

Hope you are having a good day and thank you for your question
Can you show me errors or problems you see during installation? can you share a screenshot?
please note, this is an HTML template and not WordPress theme its not possible to install this template in the WordPress as a theme

Colorlib Support Team

Hi, I can’t install the theme either, functions.php and style.css are missing for installation! What shall I do? I have bought the license for it and can’t even install it…

HI Nicolah

Please provide little bit more details, can you tell me how you install the theme? can you show a screenshot?
also, please note, how i said arcane is HTML template it cannot be installed in WordPress