I can't install the theme

Hello, once i donwload wordpress version 4.4.2 from wordpress.org, after a new installation i upload the theme from the website named as: shapely.1.0.1.zip, the installation is sucefull but i get an error 500 when i refresh my website.

Do you know what is happening?

The xxx page does not work

The xxx page can not process this request now.


Thank you

I installed and when active not working

Yes, same here, same error i think, i downloaded the last wordpress version

Hi @sharpey,

Sorry to hear of the problem you are having.

I have tested it on my test site and it’s working fine for me using latest version of Shapely theme.

Can you please try temporary enabling WP_DEBUG mode? To do this, just go to wp-config.php include this:


You might already have a line for WP_DEBUG, so just make sure it’s set to true.

Let me know what errors if any you are getting when you face this issue.

If you are getting 500 Internal server error message then please try using the solution posted on the following pages to resolve it.


Best Regards,

Hi @merchan,

Could you please tell me a bit more in detail what you meant by it’s not working?

Please make sure that you have configured the theme correctly as described in the following reply.


Best Regards,

Hey there

I will mark this case as closed for now, if anyone has issues please start a new ticket.