I Cant set up my blog on Illdy

I’m following the video “how yo set up blog for Illdy WordPress theme” on colorlib chanel on Youtube, but I have the following dificulties:

  1. The video tells us to create a page named “blog”, then in this same page to to right sidebar, and go to “templates”, and choose the option “blog”. But to me only appears the options “left side bar” and “right side bar”;

  2. When I go to: Customize / Front Page Sections / Latest News Sections there is no option “Button Text - Add the Button Url for this section” as showed at the video.

I think this is due to new versions of the theme. I would be very glad if someone coul help me on this.


Hey there

Make sure you set your blog page from the Settings > reading :wink:


Can you tell me where is this option “settings”?


Its about WordPress settings: How to Configure WordPress Settings


Hi thanks for asking.

Please make sure to set your blog page from settings to reading.

i hope it helps

@mashoman107 thanks for sharing your experience :slight_smile: