I can't share links in Google+ using AddThis plugin for WordPress

I have problem with sharing blog post in G+. When I try to share some post it says: Your post was not shared. Please try again. Doesn’t matter if I try to share the link trough AddThis plugin, or if I copy the link from my browsers address bar.
There is no problem with the homepage.
The website is: blog.speedcomputers.biz


Your website doesn’t load at all from where I am and it is like that since you posted this thread. It is very likely that it is not working for many others as well including Google+. They can’t get information from your website and reports broken link error.

Other thing that might be is that your website is blacklisted on Google+ but this is unlikely.

Make sure to investigate connection problems to your website and look for solution from there.

I just stopped one of the plugins: Add Meta Tags by George Notaras and now there is no problem. I don’t know why the site is not loading for you at all. I hope that the problem was resolved when I deactivated the plugin.

Site is still down for me but it does work through VPN and proxy so it must be some local issue for me and your hosting provider.