I cant show videos on my site

hi. i have tried to embed youtube videos in widgets but i cant get them work.
I cant even get the Shapely video section to show anything.
have done this:
-added a new widget
-copyed from youtube under “share” the address
-added that alone on content area
-tryed "[embedyt] youtubeaddress [/embedyt]

and on video section if i hit play, it gives me error. That youtube “play” icon shows up still"

I have some custom css, can that be an issue

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Were you able to install the Shapely Companion plugin available via Appearance > About Shapely?
Upon activating the plugin, it will provide access to a widget called the “[Shapely] Video Section”. Please try using that widget to display the YouTube video.

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Yep i have activated companion plugin. Still i cant show any video on “[Shapely] Video Section” widget.

I’m having the same issue. It looks like the area to add the YouTube URL is missing. When I click Upload under YouTube Video URL, it pulls up the Media Library.

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In order to have the video work you will have to use the video ID from the YouTube url.
This is a YouTube url, [- YouTube ] and you want the video id which is this part of the url, [5sloRyDg1pM].

So simply add the video id into the Video ID section and that should work.

@creativepfnyc The upload video section allows you to add a video that you have hosted on your site, hence it will go to the media library to find a video that you want to use.

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