I´d like to add pages


Illdy theme is a very nice onepage theme. I love it. But I would like to make some sub pages for some sections widgets because I would like to add more text, facility icons and also more pictures (galleries). I woun´t like to but them on the front page sections as they make the sections too long and the pictures galleries may make the front page slow.

On which sections can I add sub pages. For example can I make projects pictures klickable so that they will take me to the sub page (like when I klick to “projects” first picture it will take me to the sub page named for example “project 1” page) where I could read more about it and see pictures. Or can I do it with sections services, team or testimonials?


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As it goes for the Projects widget, go to Appearance > Widgets and locate your Illdy projects widget and the widgets have a URL option so that you can link the widget to a link such as you portfolio for the gallery but not all of the widgets have this option.

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