I downloaded "blank" travelify theme - what to do?

I recently downloaded travelify theme and thought it would appear EXACTLY like here: https://colorlib.com/travelify/ (for example when you create a website or blog on wix, you get the theme exactly as shown and adjust it to your needs.)
So I would only need to adjust layout, change pictures, posts, etc.
But now |I have the theme “blank” and need to add everything I like in the theme separately.
Can anybody help me with this? Is it possible to download the theme and have it all ready, so I can just change few things and don’t have to create it from the begining?

Thanks how it works for every single WordPress theme ever created. You are not purchasing/downloading content and pictures but overall layout on which you can add your own content. Theme documentation covers all main aspects of this theme and how to make it look like on theme demo. Documentation is available here.

If you want to import all content that we have on our theme demo and then start modifying everything from there you can use this demo content.
You can import demo content via WordPress dashboard >> Tools >> Import >> WordPress and then follow onscreen instructions.

Let me know if this helps.

Thanks a lot for the explanation.

Do you know how do I change the font of my site title?
do I need a code for that? where exactly I should write it?