Hey, thx for answer… but i was looking into your https://colorlib.com/travelify/category/new-work/
Then i click “New York” — i see then page is opens NEW YORK Is in the left corner just above content… So in my case
i see new york inside white content box,but not above content … So how do you do that you separate it ?

I fugure out that the only way it becomes normal is then i use blog :
1.Large image with excerpt content
2.Medium image with excerpt content
3.Full content display

But the problem is that then i click on that page, the “new york” is in right place,but i see py posts instead of content of that page…

SO i test it now : i have created page “lessons” after that i created post and linked

http//example.com/lessons to that page. So now looks everything fine… So its the only way to do it like this :slight_smile: