I Have an issue in Applying js of your Html template in Angular

“Hello, I am a web developer working on an Angular project, and I am using the Ogani template from Ogani | Template. I’m facing an issue where the Owl Carousel and SlickNav scripts do not work properly when the Owl Carousel class applied. The Content does not display correctly with the carousel, but when I remove the Owl Carousel CSS, the content shows up as expected. Can you please help me resolve this issue?” The Same Goes For Navigation Bar on Mobile View

Hey there.

Can you please provide a little bit more information? Which CSS are you applying? Is there any chance to see the actual problem?


I Just Want Js To Work in Angular code But it is not Working Owl-carousel.js , when class=“owl-carousel” is applied on Html Component it is hidding that html components and Owl-carousel.js is not working to show carousel.Its Working in Html But not in Angular

Hi there

Can I see the problem? maybe I can provide some CSS code to fix it, can you please provide a URL of the issue?