I paid for a licence but still haven't received the template after 4 days??


I ordered and paid for a licence 4 days ago and the only thing I have received so far is an e-mail saying that the order is being processed. I honestly didn’t expect to have to wait more than 1 hour (max) on this kind of service/product. I need the template ASAP. My order no. is Order #271184.

Thank you.

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Dear Sjl86, we are not sending files after the license purchase, the license is not about the files, its about the right to remove footer credits from the template, files are absolutely same, you just purchased right to remove footer template and there is no need to send files for this, use same files and remove the license
More about the license can be found here:

Thanks. Next issue: when I upload the .zip file I get the attached error from Wordpress and the installation fails. How do I fix it?

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Most probably you are uploading HTML template in Wordpress and this will not work, please check this

Yep. Thank you for the reply. I guess I will not be needing the template (or licence at thi point) after all, as it was my understanding that this particular template was compatible with WP.

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Yes that’s true, we also have Wordpress themes as well, they are listed under free themes menu element, HTML templates are listed here: 1500+ Best Website Templates 2021 - Colorlib