I want only one slider page

Hi. I want only 1 photo on my slider. I dont want scroll. Can anyone help me? Thank you.

Hi there

you may create one category with one post that will be selected in the Tyche slider setting :slight_smile:

Yes I did but i still have 2 slider


Please provide link to the page


Right now I can only see one default slider on the page, is this what you wanted?

Yes i have one default slider but i dont want slider effect. I have one slider but i have slider effect as you can see. Its not look good

HI Gor

What do you mean by the Slider effect? there is only one image, it’s not a slider: Screenshot by Lightshot

Can you look again? I uploaded one slider but I have 2 slider

Hi there

I have only one slider: Screenshot by Lightshot
please make your replies more informative