I want to change the copyright link

I want to change the copyright link from free template which i have downloaded from colorlib site

Can anyone help me i Have downloaded free template from colorlib but i want to remove copyright credit link

Hi @Monika1

You just need to open template files and remove the HTML code of the copyright, that’s it

Sir there is not any legal issues if i remove the copyright link from free template website and i have downloaded Unicat template free of cost when It was available as free template.

Hi Monica

We changed licensing recently, so, you need to obtain a license, please check the license page

Sir in your liceince page following things are mentioned :-1:

  • You are not allowed to remove the copyright credit from the footer.
  • You are not allowed to sell, resale, rent, and lease our template.
  • We don’t provide any technical support for free HTML templates.
    But Sir I have completely developed that template so i want to give my own copyright not with the link of colorlib

Sir I am removing your copyright link of colorlib from free template unicat. So help in this way

Sir If i use this free template of unicat from colorlib then what to do.

I got this template as free download then i have downloaded and start to develop

Hi Monica

You just need to obtain a license, rights to remove the footer credit and you need to do is to get 19$ license from this page:

If anyone need licience then why are you providing templates as free of cost. As i develop your template then why should i take liceince???

If it may be harmful to use your Free of Cost template then Please say afterthat i will not download any template free of cost from colorlib

Hi Monica

Sorry but not clearly understand what you meant, templates are not free, you need a license to get them