I want to refund my purchase

Hi, I want to refund because I want to buy a theme not a template. It can’t be installed on my website.

#COLORLIB19007 March 13, 2024 $129.00

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Hey there,

@yenny Its not a WordPress theme, its an HTML template and that’s why you cant install it as a theme.


I want refund then. My company wants a theme not a template. Thanks.
My invoice details;
Invoice Date March 13, 2024
Invoice ID COLORLIB19007
Purchase Key 025d4b6ec106b367697e7753fae4f723
Payment Status Completed
Payment Method PayPal

Hey there,

@yenny you can ask refund from your PayPal account, or you can do this from our main website and contact us page.


I asked refund from my PayPal but no respond until now. I want my refund. Why is so hard? You mentioned on our account, our order is already cancelled and refunded. But, we haven’t get any refund until now!

Hi @yenny

Accept my apologies here,

@aigars-silkalns can you please help us here?


I want a refund too because I can’t upload it as a theme either!
Invoice number: #COLORLIB19632
I wanted a theme.

Writing to SUPPORT team no one is replying. Please refund the amount!

Can anyone assist us on this? Our subscription already cancelled and refunded but still no action here.

Yes! this is right. Try this.

Hey there,

@Dev this is your 4th message :slight_smile:
I already replied here to your request: Template: Can’t use as website or theme - #5 by colorlibsupport


Hello, any update for my case? Thanks.

Hello @yenny

Apologies, I’m unable to check the status of the refund right now. I hope it will be processed soon.


I’m not interested in messaging you thankyou very much. Just process the refund. Deliver what you openly promise. Refund my money. Why aren’t you refunding already ?

I will use more IDs and repeat until you process the refund!
I have already requested for refund on PAYPAL.

Hello, can someone take responsible for our refund process.
It’s been 2 months since we asked for refund and our purchase mentioned in our account is canceled and refunded by colorlib. But, until now we haven’t got any refund. It’s so ridiculous. Thanks.

I won’t stop until I get my money back.

Hi @yenny

Apologies for the wait. Your refund will definitely be processed. There’s no need to keep sending messages to the support board, as this might result in a ban.

@aigars-silkalns can you please help us here.


Ok, thank you. Look forward to hear from you for my refund process. Thanks.

Hi there,

You’re welcome!
If you need any assistance or have any questions along the way, feel free to reach out to us.

Best regards.