I want to Remove Backlink.

I am a freelance web designer.
I want to Remove Backlink of the Free Themes(HTML & Bootstrap Website Templates).
If I buy SINGLE TEMPLATE, can I make 5 customer websites?
If I buy ALL TEMPLATES, can I make unlimited customer homepage?
Please reply.
Thank you.

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Answers on your questions you can find here:

Colorlib Support Team

Thank you for your answer.

I have already seen the license.
But I didn’t understand it, so I asked a question.
If I buy a template, can I make multiple customer homepage?
I want to know exactly this.
Thank you.

Justing, which part is not clear on the license page? i want to improve make changes if there is something not clear
And what do you mean in “customer homepage” ?
If you buy all templates license 99$ you will have rights to access our templates and use them without any limits with website creation, you only not have rights to resell templates on other marketplaces,

i bought a 1 license and if i remove your Copy Right link in my HTML is it Okay?
or you send my any kind of License key ?
Please Help

Hi i recently bought the all templates license but before i had made an account with colorlib. When I click remove backlink it come up with the license page. Has anyone got any ideas on what to do and can somebody please help me?

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Guys this question was many many times answered on the forum, before posting in the other ticket just try to search and you will see your question is already answered and you don’t need to wait for answer

i bought a 1 license and if i remove your Copy Right link in my HTML is it Okay? - if you bought them, of course, its ok

Oh Oh slow down boy! No need to be so rude! You sell a product and if we got questions it is in your interest to give a clear answer so we buy it and not just skip it!

Hi @Offline

Sorry, it was a bit out of the frame :slight_smile:
I’m here to answer any questions but doing a little research will save our time :slight_smile:


Hi, I personally recommend you to please don’t use any nulled theme or plug in because they may be infected with malware. So it may demage you site.

Thank you for sharign your idea @jamesre