Icons Disappeared


When I am logged in to WP Dashboard all icons appear as normal.
When I am not logged in (any normal visitor) I can not see icons from services etc.

I am using child theme with custom css.

Also how do I confirm that my version of the theme is the latest?



Great! :slight_smile:

How was this resolved?

The same thing is happening to me at review site: www.gracecomputer.net/spectrumledusa

Every morning I view the site, The elements are gone. When I log in to the backend, it comes back up.


Try going back through the theme setup panels (customize theme). Find the areas that need to be updated. Update them & wait (see spinning cursor) . Do not try to update too much at once.

I found I was just clicking and going through everything really fast and was stumped when it didn’t work.
I recommend re updating everything, and waiting until cursor finishes spinning.

The WP dashboard is very slow.

Thank you! They came back up. Hopefully this time, they will stay.

That’s awesome, I’m happy that you got it alright.

Thx @jswtch for the heads up!