I'd like to adjust the size of the sidebar and change its background color


I would like to add the sidebar to my site, but with the default settings it is about a third of the viewable width, and has the same background color.

How do I reduce it to about 20% or 15% of the width, and change the color of the background to a light grey (or some other color)?

Also, can I fix the sidebar in place so that it does not scroll up when you scroll the page?

Hi there

Please provide a direct link to the page with the sidebar, we can adjust it by custom css

Thank you!

I’ve just updated to Wordpress 5.8 and now have the new Widget Block editor, which made creating the Sidebar much easier. It is still 1/3 of the page though, which doesn’t look the way I want it to. I’d still like it to be 20% or 15% of the width, and have a different background color.

Here is a link to the preview of what I have (its not live yet). Hopefully that gives you what you need.

Hi there

Ok, got it, you may use this css code:

aside#secondary {
width: 20% !important;
div#primary {
width: 80%;