iframe embeded form freezes on mobile

I have an iframe form for collecting donations. It works fine on desktop, but appears to be stuck in processing when using mobile devices (phone or tablet). Is there a fix for this?


Hi Austex

Sorry, but what does it mean? I just checked it and iframe content is working just fine for me, I can’t see any problem at this moment, please provide a little bit more information if this problem is still valid

The form displays correctly and users can enter data with no difficulty. However, when submitting the form, more often than not, it does not process and the progress bar stays in motion. Occasionally, it does work, but Is inconsistent. This only occurs on mobile, both phone and tablet. I have had no difficulty on a computer. Other users have reported the same issue.

Hi Austex

Sorry but this problem can not be theme problems, since its happening inside your iframe, if you need to reach the support of this form creator,