[Ildy] Problem with Ildy Header

Hey guys, I am having trouble with customizing the Header on my Wordpressblog.
I want to have the same header as “Startseite” displays on every other page, but the other pages show a different header with a part of the picture cut off at the bottom and the yellow dot in the middle. How do I get rid of the yellow dot and how can I get the complete picture in the header? I hope, everyone understands what I want to do here XD. Thanks for helping me out here.


Quite a strange issue, will try to investigate it.

For now, try this CSS code and see if it fixes your issue (preferable in a child’s theme stylesheet.css, or temporary inside Dashboard > Appearances > Editor > Style.css):

#header .bottom-header h2{
display: none;
#header .bottom-header{
padding-top: 240px !important;
padding-bottom: 280px !important;

I noticed that you don’t use the homepage layout, and I’m not sure if you wanted your site to look this way or you just missed to change the Settings > Reading to Your latest posts.

Have a great day!