Illdy 2.0.4 Not working properly

When I got to Services, Projects, Testimonials or Contact Us sections, I can’t change color or background, both the button do not work, nothing happens when clicking on them.
I think the problem appeared after updating to 2.0.4, not sure!
Attaching a screenshot.
Please help soon.

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We are aware there’s an issue, with 2.0.4.
What you can do is try rolling back the theme,

Be sure to back up a website before doing this rollback.

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I just updated to 2.0.4. Everything seems to work but I see this link show up in the list of javascripts using chrome dev tools: /wp-content/themes/illdy/layout/js/parallax.min.js. This returns of 404 error. The correct link is: /wp-content/themes/illdy/layout/js/parallax/parallax.min.js. Suggestions on how to fix?

Clearing the cache (or expiration) fixes the issue. I believe the cache had pages from theme version 2.0.1 and clearing the cache force the page to be re-created with them version 2.0.4.

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Thanks for posting the solution here.
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