Illdy colour scheme

Please let me know how to change main colour scheme, the orange/yellow and purple does not match the content of the website I am building. Thank you! PS. I am not advanced in this process.


Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to change the default color scheme.

What you need to do is to locate this file on your server and modify the color codes that you are after:

I hope this gets you further with the setup.


Thank you for your answer, too tedious. I’ve tried and got totally lost. Not a pro in CSS!
Are you planning to modify this template so we could changes colours in a simple fashion?
Thank you!

Hello Blue,

Right now we do not plan to launch a PRO version of Illdy, but I will track your request and consider to implement this function in the free version.

Sorry that I cannot be of more help but this would require too much custom work that clearly falls out of the free support scope.