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Please just post the featured requests here, not general support questions.

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Feature request - Comments on pages.

I’ve searched the forums and found that Illdy disables commenting on pages by design. I would like to be able to choose if I want to have comments enabled or disabled.

Thank you for an awesome theme!

Add another testimonial section to the front page


I’m trying to add another testimonial section to my page but I can not do it.
I would like to add one the bottom of the page with another background.

How can I get there?

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Dear @bere please don’t flood support board, posting the same question in multiple places and opening tickets really don’t make any sense and it makes support process more complicated for operators and customers.
Plus, the main purpose of this ticket is feature request :wink:

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i just wanna add multilanguage widget to static front page (switch to en/de etc.) Is that possible?

Thank you

btw: awesome theme.

Hi @bollix,

The theme does not come with a widget specifically for that.
What you can do as a work around is maybe use a plugin that does the translation of your site and also offers a widget or a shortcode that shows a language switcher. Then add the shortcode to a text widget and add it to one of the widget areas in appearance \ widgets.

Or if the plugin has a widget then add that widget instead.
Hope this helps

I just installed and setup the Illdy theme. It looks like OK. But I found that there is nothing to modify the address, support and social media on the “contact us” section of the Front Page.
Please let me know how to modify it.


@bantenium this ticket is only for “features request”
please use normal support ticket for any problems related to the theme

How about a “Restore to Date” button. To revert back to an older version to your site WITHOUT losing any pages.

@mrgrafix this ticket is only for “features request”
please use normal support ticket for any problems related to the theme

Hi super developers, we’d need to allow a section where we can upload our pitch video and only at the end of the video a new table opens under that video to show new text that says, for example, “click here to be contacted by one of our team”, so by clicking the button the user wiil be land to a specific page that speaks in-depth about the value we offer…
Should it be possible to add this kind of feature please ?
Probably the best places to position this video pitch section is on top of the page or just before the footer.

Thanks SO much!
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I hope you are doing well today.

This is a very specific feature you want, it would be best to use a third party developer to add this feature, on of which you can find here:

Another option is to use a plugin such as one of these:

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