Illdy Footer Sidebar's Resize - how?

Hello Guys!
I have an little problem with Illdy template for WP.
I wold like in Footer Sidebar 1 and Footer Sidebar 4 to put on iFrame two maps from Google map and the Footer Sidebar 2 an 3 to shrikh theam a little to make room for the maps preview.

How can I do that ?

Please Help .

I will put an screenshot.

PS: I have edited a little where I wrote INFORMATII ( Informations ) but still it is something over map preview.
It is very useful for the people who wants to came on these two locations near BlackSea.
Just see the map and get directions. Please advice !

Hi there,
Thanks for reaching out.
In reference to your question here, could you please provide us with a link to your site so that we can have a close check into your setup.

I look forward to your reply.
Best Regards,

Yes of course !

Thank you!

Hi there,
Thanks for the link.
In this case, could you try out the following CSS code under the Appearance>Customize>Additional CSS section:

/Adjusts margin of the last column/
div#text-9 {
margin-left: -65px;
/Adjusts width of third column/
div#text-13 {
width: 150px;
/Adjusts width of second column/
div#text-16 {
width: 180px;
margin-left: 60px;

I hope this helps.
Best Regards,

Thank you very very much !

From the code provided i have used only that:

/Adjusts width of second column/ div#text-16 {

width: 180px;
margin-left: 30px;

And you can see the results :wink:

Thank you Again!
On the screenshot you can see what I have used .


So, is your problem resolved now? are good to go? :slight_smile:

Thank you very much! It worked like a charm!

Can you Close the topic!

I will close this case now, Feel free to contact us again if you have other questions Thanks!
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