Illdy header responsive issues (Mobile and Safari browser in desktop device)


I am from Italy. I like the Illdy theme, so I decide to use it in my project. However, I have the following problems:

  1. The header appears strange in mobile device. The title of my site shows terrible.
  2. On desktop, using Safari browser, all the image headers are cropped, and the Team Section looks with an abnormal alignment. In Firefox and Chrome browsers everything is OK.

I attach the screens from Safari browser (the team section and the header of About Us page). I hope somebody can help me to solve these issues.

My site is

Thanks in advance.

Hey Abianc.
Did you fix it? It looks pretty good to me.
I am asking because I have the same problem

Hi Konradg,

I disabled the parallax effect. So, it works good in Safari browser.