Illdy issue - graphic and navigation menu in safari mobile app on iPad

Hi there,

After the latest update of Illdy there are a few smaller issues in safari on iPad. (on iPhone and standard web-browser everything is fully working now)

  1. The “burger-button” menu is still not responding in safari mobile on iPad.

  2. Background in the “testimonial-section” does not appear in full-size on safari mobile-browser (only on iPad, on iPhone and web-browser it´s correct)

  3. All Icons in the “service-section” appear grey instead of the assigned color. (also only on iPad)

Cross-checked that with Firefox on my Laptop, Smartphone and iPad. Its obviously only a safari-mobile based issue on iPad (burger-button, background- and icon-issue)

website-url of my website:

Screenshots are attached

0031/0032: Website in safari on iPad
0033/0034: Website in Firefox on iPad

Since the safari webbrowser and mobile-app on smartphone is working again, the iPad issue is not a major problem for me personally. I just thought I report it. Maybe there is a solution for this within the next update.


screenshot 0033 again: file-size was too large