ILLDY-Link to author page doesn't work

Hi, I have the illdy theme in my website. In the article page, the link to author page isn’t active.
(see picture attached). How can I create a link to a customized page, made for each author?
Thanks in advance!

Hey there

This will require customization of the template, you have to add new functionality to the theme, Im sorry but I can’t cover such requests for now

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Thank you very much Noda for your replay…I will wait for your future implementation.
Another thing. I have found that the main menù doesn’t work in MS EDGE browser: even if the link works, it doesn’t open the list of the subpages.
You could see the different behaviour of main menù either in Chrome and in Edge.
Do you have any suggestion?
Thanks a lot, ciao!

Hey there

Thank you for understanding, I just tried it in Edge and I don’t have the same problem: Screenshot by Lightshot