ILLDY, Slider doesn't work


i have a problem and it’s Slider that doesn’t work for “Testimonials” & “header” of sections on front Page.
you can see that on
i use this Code on additional CSS {
display: grid;
grid-template-columns: auto auto auto;
.illdy-blog-post.col-md-4.col-sm-6.col-xs-12 {
width: auto;
} {
position: absolute;
and install the enable jquery migrate helper plugin but it doesn’t work.
i use the latest of wordpress.(5.6)
please help me to fix this issue on my website.

Thanks in advance,

Hi there

Can you please remove your CSS and try again?


I do that but it doesn’t work…

with and without CSS…

Hey there

Sorry about that,

  1. Please deactivate all your third party plugins and check again, if you are using a caching plugin deactivate it first
  2. try to delete this widget and create it from scratch

It’s Ok and thanks for your support

But i tried to delete this widget and create it again but it doesn’t work and my active plugins is Illdy Companion and Kali Forms - WordPress Forms Made Easy, no more plugins.
and again it doesn’t work.
How can i fix this problem?

thanks again for your help


It’s 9 Days past and you did not answer my question, please Help me to fix my issue

Hi there

Sorry for the delay, I tried many things but It did not work,
Please send me your admin details in private and I will check the backend