illdy space between page and sections


I have some questions I can’t find answers to on the support topics.

We use the page before sections option, but we want to get rid of the space between page and sections:

What custom CSS is needed to do so?

And the same question for Latest News Section and the footer sidebars.

Hi @clipto,

Could you provide me your url to check?

Thank you,



Hi @clipto,

You could achieve this by changing the padding-bottom with this css code:

#about, #static-page-content {
     padding: 65px 0 0px 0;




I would like to do the same thing between my sections…

Where i should paste this css code exactly? i tried to find bottom padding in my code but i can’t… can You help me? show where to paste it?

Hi @kubamotopasja,

Install a custom css plugin from here:

After install copy and paste the code above.

Please, for future request please make a new thread instead of replying to old ones, because this make the forum hard to follow.



Works great, thanks!!

Got to change the code to:
#latest-news .latest-news-button:hover {
background: #ffbb00;

But that changed it like I’d like it to be.

@kubamotopasja click customise - additional css

Hi @clipto,

I am glad that you solved it.