Illdy : Testimonials, Team sections doesnt display in some navigators


I dont understand why that I parametrize this theme, I have incomprehensible bugs. Zones “Testimonials” and “Team” displays on Chrome Windows, but not on Chrome Android, Firefox Windows, Internet Explorer and Safari Android.

When I look at the source code on the Chrome version Windows, I see the code corresponding to sections “Testimonials” and “Team”, but when I look at source code on Safari Windows and Firefox Windows, nothing .

It is not thus a simple problem of CSS, but I dont understand why the source code of a page differ on several browsers ?

Is it a bug?

Precision : when im logged on the wordpress interface, it works, but when im unlogged, “Testimonials” and “Team” sections are not displayed.

Can you help me to solve this problem ?


Thanks for reaching out to us, could you provide a URL for your website so I could provide a CSS that may fix the issue.

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It’s not a CSS problem but a script bug (as if the theme PHP classes was not loaded when we are not connected), because in the source code, when im not logged in the Wordpress interface, no “Team” and “Testimonials” html code in the source code, just the titles sections (“ILS AIMENT MAB” and “EQUIPE”).

But, when i am logged in the Wordpress interface, the sections display whith content

Here is the url :

You should see on your browser the pic included on the attachment (when i do this pic, i wass logged in the Wordpress interface).

My configuration is :

Wordpress 4.7.3 Multi-Site
Illdy Companion 1.0.7 (activated in all Multi Site networks)
Jetpack par (last version)


I have solve the problem :slight_smile:

Standard configuration doesnt display for admin, not for visitors