Illdy Theme Copyright Removal


My site is I need help removing the copyright at the bottom on my site. All the custom CSS code I’ve tried from other forum posts haven’t worked. Could you please advise?

Hey there

First, of all, do you have a license to remove the footer credits? :slight_smile:

Hello, I believe I do? Didn’t it come with the support license? How can I prove to you?

My order number was 246491 screenshot attached

Templates and support is free but removing footer credits needs a license, this is the instruction of the license, Licence - Colorlib

That is the license I purchased? I purchased the $21 single template one?

Yes, thats right :slight_smile:
You can use this CSS code to remove footer credit, but can you tell me where is the footer credit?
is it already removed?

I took it out for not, but I would like to put it back in but remove the credit. I’ll make it available again.

Hey there

Footer credit is still not there :slight_smile:

I know I have had to remove it because I have a live site. Anyway you can give me a code without seeing it? Or do you need me to turn it on for you to give me a code?

How do you remove it?

Well, I need to see it remove but actually it does not makes any sense, if its already removed you can leave it as is, there is no point to add id back and then remove again