Illdy top bar from orange into transparant

Hi, I’m using the Illdy template for some years now and I am satisfied. But I want to change the color of top of the website. It is orange now and I want to make it transparant.
I cannot find where I can change thsi.
Could you help?
You can find the site here:
Thnx in advance…

Hey there

Sorry but the website is not available at this moment, do you know why?


It works perfectly for me…
And my question is about the orange bar on top that I want to get rid off…

I still have this problem and (even worse) somehow the top now is very light blue-ish and the top letters are in white. Thus not readable.Could you please give me a clue to help to solve it?

Hey there

Sorry about that but there is no such option, this is not possible to make the transparent header, this will require major CSS customization