Illdy - v2.1.9 Demo importer not working

Hi i have installed Illdy - v2.1.9 on the latest WordPress version 5.7.1 but when i go through to the demo importer i am redirected to the same page after clicking the import button with nothing happening.

Hey there

This problem is already reported, sorry for this inconvenience:

We are waiting for the fix that should arrive soon

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Any idea to fix it ? it’s always the same in january 22 : impossible to import demo content


Im so sorry about this, this problem can be fixed only by the developer

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Is there still a problem with the import demo content? Seems to have been a problem for a long time? Is it because the demo .XML file is missing?

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Sorry, unfortunately yet there is no progress in this problem :frowning:

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Hello, it is April 5th and it seems that the demo importer problem is still there? Any progress?
It does not work on my installation at all……

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My apologies, problem is reported but I cant provide any estimate date :frowning:


I cant add demo content :frowning:

Hi @zancia

Sorry, please take my apologies, problem is already reported

Hi there,

I’ve been trying to install Ildy and the demo importer is not working.

Any solutions please?