Image size Custom

I’m having problems with my image items in the theme
how can I solve it

here is the screenshot
thank you

Hey there

Any chance to see this site live? can you please provide URL?

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Hello, sorry for the delay, I was looking for a way to put the site online.

Here is the link of the site :
I have problems with the different pictures and the slides.
How to remedy to these problems,

thank you in advance

Hi there

Add this css code in the Appearance > Customize > Additionall css:

.trending-area .trending-main .trending-bottom .single-bottom .trend-bottom-img img, .trending-area .trending-main .trending-top .trend-top-img img {
    height: auto !important;
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first of all thank you for the piece of code.
I just put the code in my css file but there are still images that do not display well. Or should I put the minimum width or give a precise width and height?

Thank you in advance

From what I see code is not applied :slight_smile: or there is a typo problem in the copy/paste process, may I see the screenshot of the code in the css box?


You don’t have closing brackets at the end of the code: Screenshot by Lightshot

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I found a solution by setting fixed widths to each image section.

But I have other problem with the two slide show in responsive which is displayed sometimes very well and sometimes scattered. You can see the screenshost above. why?
I still have a problem, why the hamburger menu is not displayed at all.
I only have the problems after that it’s over for my project, I have to finish the project this week, please help me to find a solution

Please find a solution


That’s the result of the fix you applied, send me your admin details in a private message and I will fix it


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just sent the email with the data for the hamburger menu that is not displayed

i saw the message but not the access credentials, please send them as well

Hi, I’m looking to align my menu on the same line
I used no-wrap but it doesn’t work, can you help me

here is the screenshot

on the sidebar the similar articles, once on the hover the title disappear, I do not find the solution to that help me
here is the screenshot

i was aslo facing this issue, i tried but image size was not fit, so i am happy to find this solution

@activeoperate nice to have your feedback here, :slight_smile: